Friday, May 18, 2012

IKEA Malm Dresser Update

I recently gave you an update on our super exciting and looong project list.  One of the easiest ones of all was going to be the white dresser in our dressing room.  The reason I selected this one first, was because I had cheated and purchased all of the supplies awhile back, so I had everything I needed on hand now.  And, many of you seemed most interested in that one as well, so it worked out swimmingly!

Here she was in her previous state:

Pretty boring eh?

But first, let's chat about the rest of the room.  Originally we had the dresser between our armoires.  Then, for some reason we moved it.  I thought a vanity would look better than the dresser in that location.  But as we have been living with it, it absolutely makes no layout sense to have the dresser across the room from the rest of the clothes?  So when thinking about the design, we had to keep in mind that it was going to be in front of a really busy wall.

The plan I had in my brain, was to go to the home improvement store and find some very thin wood trim to affix to the front, just to give it some more dimension.  I went, I didn't find anything that I loved.  Or that wouldn't cause my husband 564 cuts.  Then, the fabulous blog world introduced me to Overlays.  The super easy and lovely way to quickly update IKEA furniture.  Consider me a fan.  I found a promo code and ordered four of these.  They were exactly what I envisioned doing with trim, but without all the work off cutting.

When they arrived, I got right to work painting them.  I selected a grellow color that I had color matched to the stripe duvet in the adjoining master bedroom:

I just placed the Overlays on a box and painted with a brush.  Super simple.

Along with the Overlays, I wanted to add some drawer pulls, but I didn't want anything that would compete too much, so I went with simple glass knobs I found on eBay.

The update was pretty simple.  We started out by laying things out on the drawer fronts first, just to get an idea where we wanted the knobs and Overlays to be placed.  Then, we measured:

And installed the knobs:

Next we used a small tube of Liquid Nails to affix the Overlays to the drawer fronts:

We found that we had a very small time frame to wiggle the Overlay in the correct spot, with a quick tape measure check, and then it set quite quickly.

So here you can see a natural progression:

The best part of any project is putting it all back together.  The dresser was moved to it's new home between the armoires:

As you may also notice, this update was a trickle effect to another update.  My necklace display went from bright yellow boarder to simple floral fabric.

The yellow just wasn't right.  And the tin graphic over the cork wasn't right either.  It's OK, I know I make mistakes all the time.  It is about learning and growing right?  That's what I tell myself anyway.  And I can reuse the tin for another project, so nothing lost.  The new display is still the same cork, now just with fabric over the front, which is a much more simple look.  It also gives me more hanging space since I removed the frame's matte.

But back to the dresser, I really love the difference the painted Overlays and new knobs made to the simple, inexpensive IKEA dresser!

So chic and pretty!  And, it feels just wonderful to have another project checked off the list!  Once the paint dried, the whole project only took about an hour {while also watching Hulu so we were a bit distracted}.

Anyone knocking a project off the ol' list this weekend?  Who else is a giant Overlays fan?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thirteen82 Chronicles: Some Project Sneak Peeks!

Since I haven't made it over to Emily's lovely abode in awhile to snag photos of all the great progress she is making on her Thirteen82 Chronicles spaces, I asked her to pop in today with an update.  She has been working hard on her guest bedroom and bathroom in her spare time, and I am giddy excited about all of the great things happening!  Here she is now!

Hi everyone, this is Emily, Jen's Assistant and the owner of the Thirteen82 house!  We've have had a few people checking in with us to see how things are going with the Thirteen82 Chronicles bedroom and bathroom. So, I'm here to give you a quick update! {To catch up on the Thirteen82 Chronicles, you can find the intro here, the color scheme here and the fabric choices here}

While progress is being made, the changes are definitely being made in "real-time".  One of the things that I love about design blogs are their before and afters.  It's amazing to scroll down the page and see a drab room completely transform into something fab.  But in the back of my mind, I've always wondered how long it takes to actually complete a beautiful "after" photo. I've been finding out first hand over the past few months that there is a lot of sweat, shopping, time and sometimes a bit of coercing to create an amazing room.  Add on the chores of everyday life and my hope to get things wrapped up by the end of April flew right out the window!

I was able to paint the bedroom walls during an extra long nap one weekend which made the room feel so clean and fresh {Argos Gray from Sherwin Williams}:

The new color is similar to the previous color but oh what a difference fresh paint made!  All of the dirt and smudges that had accumulated over the years are gone!  Last week, I snuck in a quick painting session while my little guy was at daycare so I'm happy to report that the bathroom is completely painted now too!

Using simple white curtains from Target, I added a punch of color along with extra length using one of the super fab fabrics that you all picked out.

{Stripes, Ellis, Chipper}

This is the first room of our house that we've added curtains to and let me tell you, I was shocked at what a difference it made!  We have 8 foot ceilings so after a little bit of research, I decided to hang the curtain rod 3 inches from the ceiling.  It makes the room look so much bigger than it is and the white of the curtains has really brightened up the space.

Aside from the paint and curtains, we also installed a new overhead light.  Jen suggested this one from Home Depot.

Painting this light fixture was easy peasy... {spray paint color is Rustoleum's Eden}, installing it...well let's just say it was rough. The ceiling plate screws were too short, the caps for the end of the screws were too little and my husband/assistant was unamused with all the unexpected turns this "quick" project was taking.  After digging through our stash of extra hardware, we were finally able to wrap things up!  I'm loving how much light this fixture throws off onto the bed.  Plus the green color looks amazing against the gray walls.  I'm excited to see how it looks against the headboard when we get it installed.

Speaking of headboard, if you follow along on Facebook, you may remember we scored an old door from the Habitat Restore for $5! 

Lots of elbow grease scraping all of the paint off of the old door:

After the paint was removed, we sanded it down and sprayed it clean with an air compressor:

Now we have a great blank slate to play with!  I am excited about what we have up our sleeves!

Jen and I have a lot more projects in the works, some have been started, some are almost finished and some are still ideas on paper. We can't wait to share everything as it unfolds! Here is our tentative "To Do" list:
  • Paint the bedroom and bathroom walls 
  • DIY bathroom light fixtures 
  • Paint and hang overhead light 
  • Headboard
  • Decide on and hang art
  • Update bathroom mirror
  • Hang shower curtain
  • Find a fabulous vintage luggage rack 
  • Add length to curtains and hang 
  • Sew pillow covers
  • Accessories, Accessories, Accessories
  • Side table
  • Paint bathroom vanity

Thanks so much for the update Emily!  We have a lot of fun ideas planned for this space, I can't wait to see how it all pulls together in the end!  Emily and her hubs have been doing such a great job painting, sewing, spray painting and installing, I am so grateful she was able to take a moment to share her progress with us!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reader Space: A Craftaholic's Craft Room

Once again you fine friends left me in awe of your sweetness and kindness!  Today's reader space was a nominated space, and the second I saw it, I knew why!

When I let Linda know she was nominated, she was so sweet in providing me some additional details about her incredible space!

Linda wrote:

"I'm so excited to share my craft room with you today! My craft room is a dream come true for me and I feel so blessed to have a creative haven in my home.

We moved last summer into a home with an extra bedroom and my poor husband, Davis had no choice but to let me turn it into a craft room! I decided to use my craft supplies to "decorate" my craft room. Being surrounded by the colors and textures not only inspires me, but it also makes it easy to find things.

I accessorized my room with things I love like vintage goodies, bright colors, and repurposed items. I was also really lucky to have The Original Scrapbox send me some of their products to put in my craft room. Their fold away storage systems are amazing!

And I will admit, my room is not always this nice and craft room does know how to get down and dirty when I'm in the middle of a project!

You can check out the video tour of my craft room here.

I hope you enjoy my room! Thanks for letting me show it off, Jen!
Happy Crafting,

Ready to be in love?!

Isn't that stenciled accent wall swoon worthy?  Such a great statement in a creative space!

I can't get over all of the sweet little details.  Like that $3 chandelier that looks like a million bucks thanks to some yellow spray paint!

I also adore that the decor is compiled of functioning craft supplies! 

How creative is that ribbon storage?  I love that she organizes it by color in a common method!  Smart gal! 

Her fabric storage is equally as genius!

A simple rod with some clips keeps all of her favorites easy to find and adds a great treatment to the wall!

Have you ever seen The Original Scrapbox?  It's insanely packed with endless storage!  Holy Moly Rocky!

Now that is amazing use of space!  Looking at the room, you would never know all of that storage is inside that single cabinet!

Same with the sewing station!  What's not to love?  Another really great workspace that also folds up into a small cabinet when not in use!

One of my favorite features in the whole room is the crib spring turned inspiration board! 

Linda did such an outstanding job designing her room.  If I had a space like this, I would surely lock myself in there for hours days and get lost in happy craftland.  Wow!

I am so grateful Linda let me share her incredible room today!  For more details, ideas, photos and even a video tour, you can check out Linda's blog here.

What's your favorite moment from today's space?  The vintage inspired pieces and thrifty makeovers?  The concealed storage?  The creative ribbon and fabric display? 

ATTENTION!!  Want to be featured in a Reader Space edition?  Have an awesome organizing story to share?  I am looking for projects that have made a positive impact to your life.  Please submit your story and photos here and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!  Photos should be high resolution and unedited.  Please include a description of the project, including any costs, inspiration, and how it has changed your life and routine for the better!  Oh, and no worries my friends, we will NEVER judge "before" pictures because that just wouldn't be nice!  Only love goes on at this blog!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simplify 101 Giveaway!

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